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Real Kevin Video Series

Every Wednesday I post new videos about life, real estate, and market trends in Montgomery County, Maryland and the surrounding area. If you live in Montgomery County or are considering a move here, I post information you won’t want to miss.

7 Tips on Buying a House Long Distance


Are you relocating from out of town or stuck somewhere due to travel restrictions and COVID? Check out theses 7 tips to save time and frustration from buying a home long distance!

Radon Gas Facts Explained - Montgomery County, MD


Montgomery County is designated as Zone 1 by the EPA, due to high levels of radon found in soil.

If you live in MoCo and are worried about the levels of radon in your home, watch this video to learn everythin you need to know abou Radon Gas in Montgomery County, Maryland, and how to make sure that your house is sellable, since Radon testing is required if you live here.

How to increase your Zillow Zestimate in Montgomery County, MD


Consumers often rely on Zillow to get an idea of what a home is worth. What they don't know is that Zestimates are often inaccurate, because they does not take into consideration updates in the home, and often rely on outdated information.

If you think your Zestimate is way under the real value of your home, check out this video with steps you need to take to increase your Zestimate on Zillow.

Top 10 Home Inspection Tips for Sellers


In this video, I share some important home inspection tips so home sellers can be better prepared for home inspection, and avoid common pitfalls so their home can fly through the process.

8 Things I Love and Hate about Montgomery County


In this video, I go over the best and worst things about living in Montgomery County. If you're thinking of moving to Montgomery, you should definitely know about these before making your decision.

TOP 10 Cheap Exterior Home Improvement Tips with Crazy ROI


In this video, I go through a list of 10 exterior improvements that you can do to your house to sell it faster. These 10 are reasonably cheap and offer an AMAZING ROI so it's a no-brainer for anyone trying to sell their home.

TOP 10 Weird Things Montgomery County People Do


Montgomery County is a great place to live! If you want to learn more about what it's like to live in MoCo, checkout this list of quirky things that people from Montgomery County do.

Top 5 Outdoor Places to Explore in MoCo


Looking for fun things to do outdoors in Montgomery County? Check out my 5 favorite spots to enjoy time outside in MoCo.

7 Ways to Write a Winning Offer


Even in this pandemic environment, we are seeing lots of multiple bids on homes. The inventory is low. Interest rates are lower, and people are ready to move their lives forward again.This video will give home buyers valuable insight on how to write a winning offer and and beat other buyers to the best homes on the market.

How to Purchase a Home During a Pandemic


Watch this video to receive crucial information about how to purchase a home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interest rates are at a historic low, but there’s a pandemic. Should you even consider purchasing a home at this time? If yes, or even maybe is the answer the 4 tips mentioned in this video will help get you started on the right path during these times of unprecedented uncertainty.

What does COVID-19 Mean for Today's Real Estate Market


This pandemic has left many wondering how the real estate market will be affected. Is there even still a Real Estate Market? What will the Real Estate Market be like after this is all over?

I'm going to give you 5 observations I'm seeing from the inside. From virtual Real Estate to PPE, there is much that we've learned in the past 2 months.

Welcome to Kingsview Village


Thinking of relocating to Germantown, Maryland? Check out this video to get a feel of sought after community of Kingsview Village. This community of nearly 700 homes is located minutes away from parks, bike paths, quality shops and restaurants.

Are your Home Buyers Prospects or Suspects?


This video explores the ways to find out whether potential buyers looking at your home are actually qualified to buy your home. To determine and identify the differences between qualified buyers and nosey neighbors, it starts with absolutely requiring two things from the buyers before their contract is presented to the home seller.

6 Questions Realtors Hate


Are you thinking about selling your home, and are you considering hiring a Realtor? If so, watch my latest video 6 Questions Realtors Hate before so you can find the right realtor for your needs.

7 Things to Know About Leasing Solar Systems


Installing solar panels on your roof is a great way to save energy and reduce your utility bill. This video dives in on the top 7 things to consider you need to know about leasing solar panels, before deciding if this is the right decision for your home.

Top 5 Home Improvements Under $500


Many homeowners focus too much attention on the large items when selling their homes, and not the smaller items with big ROI. In this video we explore the Top 5 Improvements Under $500 when selling your home.

Many times these type of small items can make a HUGE difference in a homeowners success or lack thereof.

6 Reasons Why Compass and Kevin Grolig


Thinking of buying or selling a home in Montgomery County? Check out this video for 6 reasons why you should consider hiring Compass and Kevin Grolig Real Estate for your real estate needs.

Why You Need to Sell Your Home Twice


Selling your home can be a gruesome, stressful process. To top it off, while the buyers view your home both analytically and emotionally, the appraiser only views it analytically. This is where the problems can occur. Check out this video to learn why you need to sell your home twice.

How to Pick a Maryland Blue Crab


Believe it or not, there really is an art to picking a Maryland Blue Crab. While it may seem somewhat gruesome and archaic there really is a social element to MD crabs and crab picking that really bring family and friends together like nothing else in the summer.

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